Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses and Startups

Internet marketing is not just for big corporations with huge budgets. Spending money on marketing is also a clever step for owners of small businesses. And if properly done, your marketing efforts will give your business many new customers, without having to spend a fortune. Some specialists recommend spending 20% of your revenue on Marketing. If that will work for you or not you need to find out on your own doing tests. Here are some tips about internet marketing for small business owners and startups:

1. Choose what to focus on besides your website

It goes without saying that you most likely already know that your company should have a great website. You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise.  There are many different platforms available you can funnel your marketing efforts towards – electronic newsletters, social networks, and online video advertising are just some of your many options that work very well. But it’s best to just concentrate on a few tools, so can move forward with your online marketing work less stressed.


Marketing Puzzle is promoted mainly with outreaching to potential clients, social media advertising / marketing, and SEO (Search engine optimization).  We strive to regularly add new content and video samples, pouring our resources into helping our customers with marketing their business, and creating videos for them.  Optimizing our site regularly helps to increase the traffic we get from a Google search.  As with any website, the more unique your website, and plenty of quality content, the more visitors you will be getting from the search engines. Specially if you create good content that gets some attention.

2. Be consistent and persistent

It is not uncommon that people start posting on their company’s Facebook page or begin sending out email newsletters, when, eventually, they begin to get discouraged and the updating slows down or comes to an end. Do not let this happen. Regardless of your marketing platform you decide on for your online marketing, be consistent and persistent. It is not uncommon to take several email newsletters and social posts to acquire a new customer.

It may be difficult to do all the work by yourself, and may be too busy, so perhaps it would be best to outsource your online marketing. But do beware! Hiring the wrong person our outsourcing to the the wrong company could hurt your business.  Be sure to get testimonials and customer references from the marketing agency you decide to work with. If they don’t have any, or refuse to provide them to you, move on. Choose someone else. If SEO is to be outsourced, look for a reputable company, and do not reply to unsolicited emails telling you they can do your SEO, these are usually scammers wanting to rip you off.

3. Your audience needs informative, useful and interesting content

Your website should have useful cues and advice, links to interesting web pages, blogs and articles, ask for your visitors to leave comments, and provide an inviting website. Most people are not receptive to assertive sales pages or articles and blogs all about yourself, your product or service. Add interesting related information about your business for variety.

4. Balance your online and offline marketing

Both your online and offline marketing should complement and blend well with each other.  Regular branding throughout your different marketing platforms, and pay attention to messages  that don’t conflict with each other.  Regular sequence and consistency are always the key, since they can make your prospects and visitors turn into clients since they will remember you when they are about to make a purchase.

You really might want to consider including a web video as part of your online marketing strategy.  If you have the budget, we recommend a custom video, made to fit your business.  Internet marketing for a small business can be cost-effective if done right.  The above recommendations are a good place to start and should help you have a successful and profitable marketing campaign for your business.

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